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We are compelled to  warn prospective buyers of Mongol Mint and we are reluctant to fully endorse your purchase. Buyer beware.


Legend: Deep in the uncharted valleys of the Mongolian steppes, Genghis Khan himself cultivated a clandestine garden, concealing rare and powerful herbs known only to a select few. Among these herbs lay the heart of Mongol Mint, a botanical masterpieces that held the key to an ancient secret


Fact: Genghis Khan has and estimated 16 million men who are descended from him. Some of his estimated 500 sons were from the result of being with the wives of defeated warriors.

But it was also whispered that women would flock to him to strengthen the bloodline.

So… we implore you, potential seeker of Mongol Mints enigma, to approach this soap with a sense of trepidation and respect for its power. Khan’s forbidden herbs wait to be unlocked by those daring enough to venture into its depths.  In doing so, however, one must accpt the potential consequences and unforeseen connections that may emerge.


Please be aware that Ball Club Soap Company holds no liability for the effects- be they captivating or bewildering- that Mongol Mint soap may have on your life. Proceed with caution.


Mongol Mint

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