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We Are Ball Club Soap Company


Ball Club Soap Company only sells eco-friendly, cold process soap made in the USA by our artisans. We believe that men should face the day looking good, feeling confident and clean. Each bar is inspired by the warrior in each of our customers. We know you are bad ass. If not, you wouldn't be here. You appreciate real things made by craftsmen, artisans and freaks who obsess over quality.

We believe that you all have natural oils on your skin that make up the elements to conquer the world. Unlike commercial soaps that strip away a body’s natural oils with chemicals, our bars are gentle on your skin. Your skin might be sensitive, but you’re not a wuss. You need the good stuff that is up to the challenge.

Plus, our soap smells like soap but with a hint of the natural ingredients that make it up. You want chemically perfumed soap? Look elsewhere.

We here at Ball Club we believe in you. Let us arm you with the daily tools of conquest. Shop, use, then…believe.

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